tv-muurbeugel, Ultra Strong TV Wall Mount / ULTRA STERKE 32″ and 80″ (8785292242582)


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Almost all TVs between 32″ and 80″ fit. Holds up to 68 kg. Can time travel. One of these is a lie, can you guess which one.
All hardware (screws, bolts etc.) are enclosed in the packaging. A simple 1-2-3 installation ensures that you can quickly enjoy your favorite movie/series.
Is there something we haven’t thought of? The “Click-Lock-Security System” ensures that your TV is locked and the drawstring allows you to quickly remove your TV from the wall.
A flat TV deserves a flat bracket. With this bracket you create a tidy look because the TV hangs only 3.2 cm from the wall. (EAN: 8785292242582)


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